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2016 – Year in Review; 2017 – Looking Ahead

I won’t say 2016 sucked, but it was definitely a challenge.

My brother and I are roommates, so when he decided to take the year off from work to pursue a career in acting, I was pulled along with him. Don’t get me wrong, I support him and this dream, it’s something he’s wanted for most of his life. But where he’s been the one to step out blindly, I’m the one who questions, and second guesses every move I make. So we’ve gone from two incomes down to one (and a half-ish) and we still have bills to pay. That’s a scary reality. I’ve got to figure this out… Fast forward to today though, and you’ll see we survived. It wasn’t always easy. Your budget is stretched to it’s limit and you’re forced to get creative, really creative. All in all, I’m really proud of what the two of us accomplished financially, and I hope to be able to do even more this time around.

2016 also saw me expanding my social circle and activities. My family will tell you, I prefer to deal with ‘people’ in short bursts. I’m talking, 30 minutes of socialization for every 3-6 hours of my day. I’m totally making up those numbers, but the point is that I’m not a social animal. But thanks to my brother, I’ve met some of the coolest people in the last two years. Moreover, they have thrust themselves upon me, and despite myself, I’m hosting game nights, seeing sketch and improv shows, and going to comedy clubs. More importantly, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. So thank guys. If you keep asking me, I’ll keep saying yes.

I have to say that the rest of my 2016 life did not fare as well. I started the year making weekly visits to the comic book store. The goal (besides feeding a habit) was to research how to write a large cast of characters. Also, I have long term goals to be a comic book writer, so I figure I need to know what’s going on in the world I’d like to write about. But of course, life has other plans for me. Weekly visits turned into bi-weekly visits, which turned into monthly visits, which fizzled into a dream of one day getting back in a comic shop. I miss you Comic shop, I miss you so much.

Comic books weren’t the only thing I gave up. Worse yet, there where goals I gave up on. I do not despair though. If nothing else, 2016 has taught me just how creative I can be. I’ve learned how to minimize without sacrificing my enjoyment. I’ve learned just how low I’m willing to go, and I’ve realized what I plan to prioritize for 2017.

First and foremost I’m pushing my health. I am sick and tired or being sick and tired of my weight, or lack of. I’m a skinny minny, nothing but skin and bones, and I’m tired of it. So even if it means I can’t get back in a comic book store for a while longer, I’m putting that slice of my budget into eating more and more healthy. I am determined to look less like Jack Skellington and more like Jack Tripper? (no that’s not right) How about Jack Bauer? (much better).



My second priority is training. I’m going back to school, and I’m honing my writing craft. I’m querying agents, I’m going to find representation, and I’m going to finish that second book! I said the same thing last year, and it pains me to say it again this year. Never give up, never surrender! I’m coming out the 2017 gate running. You guys have no idea, I super excited.

Super, excited!

See you around…

Gavin Kingsley