Not So Common Sense

Random thoughts on random acts, from the mind of author Gavin Kingsley


I got in a fight with April and lost.

In one month my life was turned ‘straight upside down’, my three leg support was broken and I lost two legs. My family was ripped in half then shortly afterwards rocked by death. I found myself relying on the only support I had left. We leaned against each other, both of us counting on the other for strength while we mourned.

I withdrew into myself, pulling away from social media so that I could pick up the pieces of my shattered life. I didn’t write. I wasn’t reading. Even TV held no appeal! I didn’t want to do anything, speak with anyone. I struggled for a long while, resisting the new status quo even as the struggle caused me pain. Finally I decided it was time to adapt. More than that, it’s time for Rebirth.

I’ve spent the last few weeks putting the wheels of change in motion. Well, change was happening whether I wanted it or not. So instead of fighting the change, I’ve embraced it. All the projects I thought I didn’t have the time for, back on the calendar. All the invites I said no to, I’m there. All the excuses… well, no more excuses.

Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead (Phil 3:13). #ProjectRebirth is in full effect. I garuntee you won’t recognize me by the end of the year.