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Frickin Ninjas!!! Pt. 2

Looking over yesterday’s entry this morning I was trying to decide if I was going to continue that story or scrap it altogether. It reads kinda crappy. There admittedly nothing to the story or plot and I feel like I’m just rambling on. Regardless, writing is writing so I guess we roll on through it?  On with the show!

Ninjas? Really!?! Pt. 2

As I run down the path one ninja becomes two. Two ninja become three when I make a turn to the right. By the time I find myself at a dead end the ninjas are four. Whatever luck I tapped into to take out the first ninja would certainly not hold against four.

With my back up against a wall of metal junk I search frantically for an exit. What I see instead are the joints of the ninja closest to me overlayed with flashes of memory. I see diagrams of the human body, nerve clusters marked where one could do the most damage. On the ninja to my right I see his leading foot slide forward and pivot, making his stance, his shoulder square, arms loose. I see minute cues in his body language of the way he may attack. On the two ninjas directly in front of me, both of whom have pulled weapons, I see practiced attacks and blocks. I see the way I need to move and it feels natural to me.

It takes a second to register with my brain that I know how to fight them, to remember that I’ve done this before. I run and I’m not tired because can run for miles before I start to wear. My muscles are relaxed because they’ve practiced these movements time and again. I close my eyes for a second and the voice of my sensei speaks softly in my ear, a sensei who’s face I can’t decipher. I still can’t remember fully, but I am sure I have been training my whole life for a fight like this.

I am a ninja.

I can’t help but smile at the thought. I am a ninja, and I’m about to take down four other ninjas. I open my eyes and my feet slide into stance. My arms raise, one fist close to my chest, my other arm extended palm open. I welcome an attack with a move I’ve seen in a movie and inwardly cringe from my sensei’s rebuke. The ninja on my left comes at me first striking high. I raise my arm to block but I’m too slow. The blow connects to my head and a wave a nausea passes through me. The ninja drops low with a sweep kick that knocks me off my feet.

I struggle to my feet trying to understand what just happened. I saw the attack coming but I wasn’t fast enough to stop it. Taking my stance again the ninja feigns two hits to my chest. When I lift my arms to block he actually punches me in the gut knocking the wind out of me and putting me back on the ground.

I couldn’t understand. I was again to slow. I knew what to do but I couldn’t command myself to move fast enough. I stood to my feet again. The other ninja had relaxed slightly recognizing I was no longer a threat. I swear that I could see the attacking ninja smirking underneath his mask. It made me angry and this time I decided I wouldn’t wait for him to knock me to the ground. I charged at him letting rip a primal scream. He stepped back pushing off one foot to jump kick me and I flipped over backward landing hard on my back.

When I stood again I saw a fifth ninja had joined the group. He stood a few feet apart from the others. While they all laughed at me, he stood silent. I stood again. My chest was on fire and my head was ringing but I assumed my stance. The fifth ninja grunted and signaled to the others. He didn’t say a word but I knew what he meant: finish this.

My attacker came forward, cockiness all in his stride. I took a step backward changing my stance. A still calm came over me. I knew that I was about to die and yet I wasn’t afraid. In this whole time I realized I’d never been afraid. I had no idea why they were chasing me. I had no clue that I could fight. I had no clue my body could move in ways it never had before. Not until I let it. Not until I gave over control.

It clicked just as the ninja moved in for his attack. he went for a nerve strike to my raised arm. I pivoted on my heel and with the palm of my hand pushed against his chest. He stumbled backward a step, not expecting any resistance. I continued my attack with a jab from each fist just under his guard and when he doubled over I jump kicked knocking him over and down.

Now this felt right. I looked to the other three ninja facing me. Their shocked wore off quickly and they each resumed their stance. The ninja on my right inched forward while the other two expertly swung their nunchuck and baton-like tonfa. They all advanced on me at the same time.


-To see what happens next, come back tomorrow.