Not So Common Sense

Random thoughts on random acts, from the mind of author Gavin Kingsley

Such an awesome responsibility

As I was finalizing content for this website to go live, I had a sudden revelation. Everything I write and post here will become public record. Hundreds of eyes will read these words and form opinions based off my expressions here. While this site is meant to be a personal platform, a place for me to be uncensored, I realize that whatever I post here is a reflection on me as an author and I need to be forever conscious of that.

This means reading and re-reading each post before it goes public. I still plan to write off the hip with a not so common sense point of view, but I also plan to hold myself accountable for everything I post. I hope not to offend too many people, but if (when) I do, forgive me and stick with me a little longer on this journey.