Not So Common Sense

Random thoughts on random acts, from the mind of author Gavin Kingsley

The countdown begins…

March 1st has rolled around and that means I’ve got a birthday coming up. In fact this birthday is something of a milestone for me. This year I’ll be 33 years old. Someone commented ‘that’s Jesus age’. It was meant to be a joke, but it got me thinking about all He accomplished in three years versus all I’ve accomplished in the 3 years since I turned 30.

In hindsight I wish I had given myself a goal, a mark by which to judged myself as having done something. Since I didn’t, I now have till the end of 2015 to accomplish something great. Of course ‘great’ is subjective. Jesus changed the world in three years. I just want to change my world.

I’ve been chasing after the dream to become a writer now for the better part of five years. I’ve written the manuscript (5 in fact), I’ve edited the best of them so that it’s the best it can be, and now I’m seeking representation. All very good and concrete steps toward this goal. Now I’m building my author platform. I’ve created this website and I’m growing a presence on Twitter and Facebook. More concrete steps. There’s a second aspect to my goal to become a writer where I can switch careers and get paid as a screenwriter. For this goal, I’m much further behind. All that said, I will consider myself a having done something ‘great’ if I can secure an agent.

Getting an agent would validate everything I’ve been working towards these last five years. Asking the way I’ve had plenty of moments of self doubt. Moments where I questioned my skill and worth. Moments where life forced me to put the dream on pause. Moments where I spent too much time focused on a small part of the big picture. I’m at a point now where I realize that I have to commit to this dream 100%. In at the point where I’m ready to be a little selfish, making decisions to further myself instead of holding back. I’m at the point where I’m ready to take some risks to make my dream come true. I’ve got 8 days till my birthday, but ten months to accomplish something ‘great’.

Come along with me. I promise, every post won’t be this deep.